Consulting Services refer to community development projects and initiatives that Flow is hired by organizations and communities to take a more hands on approach as the lead.

This might be for entire projects or just smaller parts of projects.

Below is a list of Consulting Services

PROJECT CONSULTING (Advisory & Coordination) 

Flow Community Projects offers project consulting services, providing valuable advice, strategy, knowledge, and expertise to help your public sector and community development projects flourish. Whether you’re an organization or a community, our consultants will work closely with you to ensure your initiatives are effectively planned and executed for positive impact. We are always game for new opportunities and challenges.


Flow Community Projects excels in strategic partnership development, forging collaborative alliances to amplify the impact of community development initiatives. We’ll work closely with your organization or community to identify key stakeholders from the non-profit, private, and public sectors, fostering partnerships that align with your vision and objectives. By coordinating efforts and pooling resources, we’ll help you maximize collective impact and achieve meaningful outcomes for your projects.


Empower your organization or community to move ideas and projects through the knowledge funnel, from unknown to known. Flow’s ideation and brainstorming sessions are designed to facilitate creative thinking and guide you towards viable solutions and project concepts. We’ll help you explore possibilities, gain clarity, and set a solid direction for your public sector and community development endeavors.


Flow Community Projects specializes in planning and facilitating community engagement processes. We understand the importance of involving the community in program and initiative design. By hiring Flow, you can expect our skilled facilitators to identify stakeholders, actively engage community members, ensuring their voices and perspectives are heard. Together, we will design programs and initiatives that truly meet the needs and aspirations of the community.